LINGA speakers strike with majestic 2-meter tall cabinets allowing to achieve increased overall sensitivity and accommodate much larger

listening rooms with substantial sound levels and minimum distortion. To deliver the best listening experience, in addition to updated OS horn waveguide, ultra low distortion drivers, utmost precision passive crossover network, customizable sound features for room adjustment and personal taste have been added to the new series. LINGA speakers take our minimalist approach to another level with more streamlined shapes, thin lines and monochrome design which in combination with FLCK coating create outstanding visually striking cabinets giving the velvet feel not only on the surface of the speakers but also in the sound they produce.

More Precision


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LINGA‘s 10 massive ultra low distortion drivers deliver the most explosive transients in stride and reproduce them at blasting life-like levels or quietest whispers with flawless accuracy. Each selected driver incorporates highly advanced FEA optimised magnetic circuit with multiple shorting rings ensuring ultra low sound distortion. Each transducer is reassembled and adjusted in House to 8MM audiolab specs.



LINGA frame skeleton is crafted from the finest wood board finished with special  FLCK coating which delivers astonishing luxury minimalist appearance, made to  impress and aesthetically merge in a variety of environments. 4-layer sandwich  damped sidewalls and up to 50mm thick front / back panels make sure vibrations  are kept down to minimum. Sidewall finish completed with multilayered Perfect

Gloss panels boasting the highest scratch resistance, gloss and reflection levels.



For the finest high frequency reproduction we have developed a minimal diffraction vertical OS waveguide. Machined deep in a wood board, it recreates exceptionally smooth and detailed treble frequencies. The precisely modeled waveguide shape broadens the ideal listening area with improved 3D imaging and clarity. Further on, waveguide is completely coated with our unique FLCK coating - damping the unwanted reflections and keeping “horn HOM” effects to minimum



Custom designed easy load impedance filter network ensures more precise filtering for lower driver unit distortion and better integration. Ultra purity copper, double baked coils and high precision premium grade capacitors and resistances are supplied by Mundorf. The parts and accurate crossover slopes were carefully selected during countless hours of measure sweeps and ear tests to meet the highest sonic demands. All crossover components are connected using silver tinned copper wire and silver solder.



Each speaker floats on massive 30mm thick steel bars supported by 4 adjustable spikes and thus Linga is completely isolated from the floor. The unique feet construction delivers more focused soundstage and clearer bass.

Ultra rigid and versatile MConnect silver tinned terminals from Mundorf preserve your amplifier damping factor. Crossover components are connected directly to terminals and no signal losses take place inside the speaker.


Available Finishes: Cheeks - Mirror Black / Contour – FLCK Black / Silver / Bronze

Usable frequency range: 25-20000 Hz 

Power rating: 150 W (long term)

Sensitivity: 96 dB / 1W / 1M

Impedance: 4 ohm (2.5 ohm min)

Type: 3-way ported

Drive units: double 12" woofers , Double 6.5" mid bass, 1” compression driver

Crossover frequency: 180 & 3000 Hz

Terminals: MUNDORF MConnect, receives - fork cable lugs 6mm, fork cable lugs

8mm, 2x banana plugs 4mm, cable ends

Internal wiring: MOGAMI

External Dimensions: 2000x580x230mm

Net Weight: 250kg / pair


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