More precision. Massive ultra low distortion drivers deliver the most explosive transients in stride and reproduce them at blasting life-like levels or quietest whispers with flawless accuracy.
More linearity. Each selected driver incorporates highly advanced FEA optimised magnetic circuit with multiple shorting rings ensuring less sound distortion.


More natural wood. PIU frame skeleton is crafted from the finest, carefully selected Lithuanian oak. Multiple, firmly braced boards are sanded and coated numerous times to perfection to deliver an astonishing home friendly appearance made to impress and aesthetically merge in a variety of environments.
More silence. PIU's 6-layer sandwich damped sidewalls and up to 100mm thick front oak panels make sure vibrations are kept down to minimum.

More warmth. Wood as a naturally non-resonant material contributes to the  beautifully warm and nuanced recreation of sound.
More gloss. Sidewall finish completed in an ecological multi-layered panels provides the highest scratch and heat resistance available as well as the highest gloss and reflection level in the industry.


More directivity control.  Minimal diffraction vertical OS waveguide, machined deep in a solid oak, helps to recreate exceptionally smooth and detailed treble frequencies.
More of the "sweet spot.” The precisely modelled waveguide shape broadens the ideal listening area with improved 3D imaging and clarity. Reduced horizontal coverage minimises wall reflections.


More control. Our custom SHVC (Silvered High Velocity Connector) was developed to withstand the highest current draws and preserve your amplifier damping factor.
More connection. SHVCs are crafted from 1.5” ultra pure copper bars and completely covered with silver which is considered to be the best audio conductor as it performs better when oxidising with age. PIU crossover components are connected directly to HVC silver plate and no signal losses inside the speaker occur.


More damping. Floating on 4 adjustable flat super spikes, PIU is completely isolated from the floor. The unique feet construction incorporating additional oak dampers and magnetic oak covers provides up to 11db damping and vibration suppression at 50Hz thus delivering more focused soundstage, clearer bass.