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8MM Audiolab produce exquisitely crafted loudspeaker combined here with an array of Lampizator pre-amplifier and amplifiers. Lampizator had a massive presence at the show. An amazing sound emanated from this room.



As a single visit to a hifi show as big as Munich's demonstrates, in today's speaker scene it's hard to propose something genuinely different. By the same token, why bother launching a new company if one cannot? 8mm audiolab's difference isn't capricious, oddball or just for the forsaken sake of it. The experience of it is brilliantly argued and carefully executed and neither form factor nor size are overbearing or hard to get on with. For those where Piu is troppo—too much—the compact Mini should, given its ingredients and Dawid's descriptions, sound very similar. It's always lovely to meet a designer with such a clear sonic vision who dares to take such a firm stand rather than try to be all things to all people. Chapeau!

Srajan Ebaen / 6MOONS

Westport, Co. Mayo Ireland

For me the most interesting sound at Sobieski Hotel. Very emotional and vivid sound transmission.

Andrzej / Audio enthusiast


One too many shows and tons of me too products were washed away in a glimpse of an eye, just by entering the 8MM audiolab room at the Sobieski hotel. Finally I had a beautiful and original effort in front of me!

Dr. Panagiotis Karavitis / Part-Time Audiophile magazine


...Voiced to sound pleasantly, substantially, spaciously and texturally generously, 8MM audiolab Piu mini is a very captivating performer, especially fond of real instruments, minimalism and atmosphere in music. Focused on the beautiful side of it and not utmost clarity, it has a charming and involving personality. ‘Till next time!


Warsaw, Poland

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